Hot Trend Shopping 2019

Hot Colors for 2019 show CORAL, green and of course grey.
But with 2019 celebrating 200 years of Bauhaus
there is also collections of primaries in simple
balanced geometrics. 
Vintage fonts and botanicals are still strong.
Greens lean towards Hunter and Leaf green
for a little sign of growth, vitality,
balance and harmony to the home.
                        2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral 16-1546.
                        Here's a little bit of Madrid from January 2019 and UK's
                                                  trend report on Coral.


If I hear a word most used in my work it is "whimsical".
I'm OK with that!
Playful, unusual, mischievous, and amusing.
Everyone needs a little WHIMSICAL in their world.
Beach Babes art this year adds a little glamor,
whimsy and vintage all in one squeezable pillow!