T Towels

Beautifully designed, Linen Cotton T Towels Made in North Carolina


Indoor/outdoor, reversible, 100% Cotton Pillows



Personal art for your home

New for 2023!

New Collections for 2023

Bright and vibrant, strong and durable. Linen Cotton T Towels are a must in every Kitchen. Brighten up the kitchen, save on paper towels, make glassware sparkle, dry dishes, use for picnics, give as gifts with wine :) or wrap up warm baking....Their uses are endless.

Commissions... Make Great Gifts For Someone special!

Capturing Your Loved Ones

I love dogs, there is so much emotion in their eyes, how they communicate, their energy and zest for life. Capturing all those elements in a painting is why I paint. To bring joy to all, for life. Check out the video below.....